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The focus for HR has now changed: it’s all about the employee experience. Whether you’re a current, future or aspiring leader, it’s going to be the crux of your leadership role. You’d want to get better at your leadership role.

How do you get started?

How do you get better?

You’d need a guide—not just any guide, but a guide that helps you grow perpetually.

This is the H+B Digest program.

Trusted by some from world-class organizations and top tech startups all over the globe.

The Guide to Being a Truly Great Leader

The H+B Digest is more than an extension of our H+B publication: it is where we blend insight and actionable tips to help you become a better leader with every read.

It features:

  • 2 actionable newsletters every week

  • Practical tactics to level-up your leadership skills

  • Thought pieces and strategies to guide your framework and ensure consistency

Written in plain-speak, think of this as having a conversation with another leader. It’s written to help you become a true expert, one that consistently learns, improves and levels up.

There’s a schedule:

  1. Wednesday: Commentary on recent business events for high-level strategies

  2. Friday: Immediately applicable guides on pressing leadership issues and management techniques

  3. Sunday: A recap of the week’s post with an Editor’s Note

Leveling Up With Every Read

Besides the H+B Digest, full subscribers also get:

  • Bonus content. This includes interviews, guest postings and extra posts when there are huge events that you can learn from (e.g. high-profile harassment cases, poor corporate governance leading to near-bankrupcies)

  • Personal consulting. Drop an email about an issue you’re facing and we’ll tackle it together, H+B style.

  • Opportunity for contribution & exposure. Got something to say or an interesting perspective to provide? H+B is your outlet. All you need to do is drop us an email.

How much does it cost?

$11/month, or $109/year if you sign an annual subscription plan (you save a month!)

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Who’s the author?

I’m Andy Chan, the founder of the H+B publication and digest. In the day, I’m a content manager for Truth Cartel, managing remote writer and designer teams. Previously, I founded an early HR tech company Collab Partnerships. Since then, I’ve been writing for different companies, as well as being a leadership consultant.

My goal is to truly focus on the humans in the business. It is always ironic to me to see companies focusing on human problems, yet, neglect the humans that are working towards that. We need great leadership—in the era of employee experience, we need it even more.