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Hey there,

When Human+Business first began, it was intended to be a publication that focuses on human-first philosophies. Rather than looking something like a clone of Harvard Business Review, we dived deep into guides and spread our focus across all different disciplines. We saw some small success in the early days, but due to COVID-19, the publication was paused as the team needed time to recuperate and find their bearings to navigate the current crisis.

As we watched the pandemic unfold, we also saw considerable changes in the business world. Companies all around the world are changing the way they operate, migrating their meetings to Zoom and offices to the Slack chatroom. We saw Mark Zuckerberg choosing to turn Facebook into a distributed company, then implementing one of the most capitalistic salary policies. We also saw people worrying about the international competition: if anyone can do the job at their homes, doesn’t that mean I’m competing with almost everyone?

Leadership during this period has definitely evolved. Not just adapting to the change in medium, but also in understanding how remote work will affect daily operations. Companies struggle between choosing to have “core hours” or to remain asynchronous. Managers struggle to get their team gelled together while not being physically together. The limitations that remote work has brought apart from its benefits forced management to evolve, and we experienced it firsthand within H+B.

We’re going to turn the H+B Digest into a free publication until the end of the year as part of our values. We believe that, during this period, leadership has to continually evolve without having to take up too much time. H+B Digest fits it perfectly: easily digestible guides for consistent, perpetual growth.

From now until December 31st 2020, you can now read all of H+B Digest’s premium content for free, and that’s all on top of the two newsletters we send out every week. Subscriptions are paused (and we don’t accept donations!), so if you do want to subscribe, you’ll have to wait till next year. When the premium plans are resuming, you will be notified one month prior.

The first post for this month will be published next Wednesday, 8:00 PM (GMT+8).

Before we go, we are immensely grateful for your subscription. We hope you’ll grow along with us. See you in the next post!

Yours Sincerely,
Andy Chan
Founder, Editor-in-Chief